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Dec 2022

Increase in EV ownership in Gosport sparks major investment in EV infrastructure

Gosport Borough Council is embarking on a significant public Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure roll-out to serve the increasing number of EV owners in the region. The charge points will be owned and operated by Liberty Charge and delivered via its strategic partner Virgin Media 02.
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Nov 2022

Ealing Council announces major investment in on-street EV Charging infrastructure

Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point infrastructure in Ealing is set for a major boost, with the installation of new on-street chargers, owned and operated by Liberty Charge and delivered via its strategic partner Virgin Media 02.
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Oct 2022

North Northamptonshire commits to significant investment in EV charging infrastructure

North Northamptonshire Council is proposing to install on-street electric vehicle charging points at 21 new sites across the region, comprising approximately 80 new sockets that will be available for local Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers to use from early next year.
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Oct 2022

Liberty Charge & Street Fleet – simplifying the electrification of vehicle fleets

Street Fleet is launching a new end-to-end fleet transition offering, using data analytics to optimise the shift to electric fleet vehicles with on-street charging infrastructure, located to meet each client’s needs.
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Paua RFID card
Oct 2022

Liberty Charge completes integration with Paua to provide business access to charge point network

Liberty Charge, the UK’s fastest growing Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point operator, has completed integration with Paua, providing Paua users with access to Liberty Charge’s 650 charge point sockets.
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Agnese Chiesa
Sep 2022

World EV day Q&A

To mark World EV Day on September 9th, we sat down with Agnese Chiesa, Marketing Manager for the public charge point operator Liberty Charge, to discuss how the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging landscape is changing, advice for women in the industry and what to look out for when beginning a career in EV infrastructure.
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Aug 2022

Local Authorities Falling Short on EV And Levelling Up Strategies Due to Lack of Resource from Central Government

Only 14% of local authorities in the UK have a dedicated resource for implementing a new Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure, and a lack of funding and guidance from central Government means they can only allocate 15 hours per week to EV projects.
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Aug 2022

New research suggests UK Government’s EV charging policy may be hampering Britain’s levelling-up and Net-Zero plans

Public spending on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure must focus on Britain’s deprived and rural communities, otherwise the Government may fail to meet both its ambition of at least 300,000 charge points by 2030, and achieve its social levelling-up agenda.
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Jul 2022

Liberty Charge highlights chronic under-resourcing in Insight Report

Liberty Charge, the public charge point operator dedicated to delivering reliable and accessible charging solutions for all, is calling for a review and reallocation of funding to support increased numbers of dedicated local authority EV infrastructure personnel, following publication of a Local Authority Insight Report which highlights chronic under-resourcing.
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